6 December 2023

Collaborative intelligence

How can humans and AI join forces to accelerate the green transition?

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/imagine futures is your gateway to discovering the dynamics that shape our futures. It is a co-created initiative that sets out to investigate future trends to help us navigate today.

Our ability to anticipate, understand and harness emerging trends can fundamentally influence the course of our personal and professional lives, our organisations and societies at large.

Two events every year

At recurring events we dive into carefully selected themes and their impact on the future.

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For each
theme, we


generate a white paper

The white paper assesses the impact of a topic on micro and macro levels. In other words, we look at a topic from the top, bottom, sides, inside and out. We probably also analyse the wrapping.


invite for a hybrid event

Together with partners, we unfold and discuss the findings in the white paper, and investigate how businesses and societies can use this knowledge to prepare for what is to come.

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