About us

/imagine futures is a co-created initiative by COWI and Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies that sets out to investigate future trends to help us navigate today.

Through /imagine futures, we want to facilitate and spearhead discussions on selected future trends.

We can be better together

By bringing together industry leaders and experts, we aim to create engagement, excitement, and knowledge sharing about future scenarios.


anticipating change

Future trends encompass shifts in technology, demographics, economics, culture and the environment. By investigating these trends, we can better prepare for transformative changes that impact industries, markets and individual lives.


strategic planning

Organisations, whether in the public or private sector, require informed strategies to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Investigating future trends enables proactive decision-making, helping entities align their goals with emerging opportunities and challenges.


fostering innovation

By staying ahead of trends, individuals and organisations can position themselves to pioneer groundbreaking solutions, products and services that cater to evolving needs.


risk migration

Future trends can also help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. By recognising these early on, individuals and organisations can take measures to mitigate negative impacts and enhance resilience.


stimulating collaboration

Many of the challenges and opportunities we face transcend both sectoral and geographical boundaries. Imagining and understanding what future scenarios might look like provide a holistic perspective, fostering co-creation and collective action to address shared challenges such as climate change.